A Parents' Choice® Gold Award

There is a timeless simplicity about clapping games. Children need no equipment but their hands and their voices, and they must cooperate in order to play. They practice their sense of rhythm, gain a sense of accomplishment, and use their sense of nonsense. It would be difficult to improve upon this instructional video*. Children demonstrate the games at various speeds, and clear instructions are given. Time is taken for repetition and close-ups of the hand movements. Rather than include a large variety of clapping games, just a few are highlighted. Children can learn them well, and their interest will be sparked.

This production is a fine example of "simple is best." The clapping games speak for themselves!

Reviewed by Yvonne Coleman, Parents' Choice®

(This review is found on the Children's Television Workshop website as a recommended product.)

Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Product Award

This 27 minute video tape introduces an old fashioned activity, hand-clapping games. Children will learn different hand claps like "Miss Mary Mack", "A Sailor Went to Sea", and others. The games are easy to learn and fun. This activity develops cooperative play, extends creativity and helps them to create their own hand-clapping games. Children participate plus develop skills in movement and coordination. A great stress reliever and way for children to play together.

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award

You and your kids will love learning these clapping games and rhymes to play with friends or family. We laughed out loud as we tried to keep up with the kids who demo and then teach you traditional clapping games that would be fun for a party. Thank goodness for the rewind button!

DOVE Family Seal of Approval

Customer Comments
"It's great because kids who don't know the words can learn them and not feel left out!"
-- J. Mazzeo, 8 years old
"What a great video for generations of children!"
-- J. Shaw
"We loved it!!! We originally bought five to give out to our brothers and sisters to share with their kids. We are buying more. It is rare to find such a great gift idea that can reach a wide age range for both boys and girls."
-- B. Harris