Give a big hand to the makers of Clap To It!, the multiple-award-winning children's tutorial that joyfully teaches the art of handclapping. Narrated by a friendly computer-animated traffic signal (the symbol of Go Kid Productions), this 27-minute video* covers seven games geared for clappers aged 4 to 9. But clearly some of these rhymes and treasured hand patterns have been around for many decades; curious adults who remember bits and pieces of such handclaps as "Miss Mary Mack," "Concentration," and "A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea" will be just as eager to learn as young viewers.

A sunny day at the playground serves as the set for the instructors, a small cast of brightly dressed, articulate second graders. Each segment begins with two or three kids demonstrating a game at regular speed, then once at a slower pace. Next the traffic signal talks the viewers through a slow-motion replay of the entire game, repeating sections that might prove extra tricky. During this portion of the lesson, smart camerawork shows how the handclap looks from the learner's perspective; subtitles provide words of the rhyme for added learning. Finally the children repeat the entire rhyme one last time at regular speed. Fresh, unrehearsed, and tremendously easy to follow, this video is the first from A Fun with Friends Series and will make a welcome addition to any family or classroom collection. --Liane Thomas

Parenting Magazine

Kids who've marveled at complex clapping and singing routines on the playground will be just as amazed watching boys and girls demonstrate how to do them on video. Each of the seven games is first shown at normal speed, then in slow motion with an explanation of the movements. Once kids are up to speed, they can participate with an on-screen partner. Grade - 'A'!

Customer Comments
"It's great because kids who don't know the words can learn them and not feel left out!"
-- J. Mazzeo, 8 years old
"What a great video for generations of children!"
-- J. Shaw
"We loved it!!! We originally bought five to give out to our brothers and sisters to share with their kids. We are buying more. It is rare to find such a great gift idea that can reach a wide age range for both boys and girls."
-- B. Harris